We Innovate Public Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

We are the perfect mixture of government advocates, political operatives and geeks. We are public affairs professionals now, but we didn’t begin here. We don’t just rely on the old way of doing things – we proactively push to shape perception in person and online.

Michael Rentiers

Michael Rentiers

Michael Rentiers is the Managing Partner for Push Advocacy, designing and implementing innovative issue advocacy campaigns across the country. He has a unique depth of experience working in the public policy arena – from running political campaigns and working in the halls of government to lobbying elected officials and implementing grassroots campaigns. From Illinois and Minnesota to Texas, Virginia and the Carolinas, he has won on the issues wherever he has been. Michael now manages innovative advocacy campaigns for Push Advocacy clients, ranging from corporations, trade associations and non-profit organizations.

Wesley Donehue

Wesley Donehue

Wesley Donehue is a digital strategist for causes and candidates across the United States. He combined his two loves of politics and technology to create Push Digital, a team of twenty fun and energetic folks in South Carolina and San Francisco. Named a ‘Rising Star’ and ‘Innovator of the Year’ by Campaigns and Elections magazine, Wesley now handles digital strategy for Governors, US Senators, Congressmen, state legislators and numerous issue-advocacy, nonprofit and other cause-based organizations.

Joel Sawyer

Joel Sawyer

Recognized as one of Columbia’s “Most Influential” along with CEO Wesley Donehue, Joel Sawyer serves as Senior Vice President of Push Digital. Few in South Carolina have Joel’s breadth of media experience – former newspaper reporter, gubernatorial communications director, state Party Executive director, and state-level presidential campaign manager. Because of his expertise on South Carolina and national politics, Joel is a frequent contributor as a political commentator for national print and television news media.

We're Different

Unparalleled Experience

Every morning we wake up and head to the office to execute a campaign. Some win. Some lose. All of them produce unique experiences that make us better. Those experiences can’t be replicated.

We are one of the only public affairs firms to fully integrate digital activism into issue advocacy campaigns at all levels of government, politics and business. We know every aspect of a successful advocacy campaign. Let us use our experiences for you.

Innovating at Warp 9.6

Everything is changing and you must adapt to be heard. Your cause won’t win using old strategies and tactics. You need a new team to push you forward. In short, you need geeks. Not just pretend geeks, but full fledge geeks who spend every waking minute with their faces in a computer screen or mobile device. Yeah, that’s us.

We live to learn. We opened an operation in Silicon Valley to get ahead of the curve and that’s exactly where you want to be too. Let’s innovate.

Unique Relationships

It all starts with relationships. It can be the tip of the spear in a successful advocacy campaign. We have spent over a decade running campaigns for elected officials, working alongside policy makers in the halls of government and lobbying on behalf of clients ranging from nonprofit organizations to fortune 500 companies. When you have the right relationships and a good reputation, when legislators know your name, advocating for an issue can produce the WIN.

Innovative Work


Growing Your Bottom Line

Nurse-Family Partnership® is a public/private partnership, home visitation program for maternal and early childhood development. They needed to enhance awareness and support at the SC Statehouse to procure funding from the state. Utilizing relationships with key members of the budget committees we stepped in and got the job done.

NFP worked with legislators and the state’s Medicaid agency to incentivize reimbursements for managed care organizations. The program is now establishing one of the country’s first “pay for success” funding models.


Running The Ground Game

A national manufacturer and fortune 500 company, needed a nationwide campaign to increase support for domestic manufactures and to raise awareness on trade and currency issues during congressional midterm elections.

We hosted town hall meetings across the country where thousands were in attendance, held educational forums for targeted leaders, secured resolutions from local governments, earned favorable media coverage from news outlets and attracted congressional candidates to specifically address the global trade issues.


South Carolina Realtors

The Association of South Carolina Realtors needed to simplify and organize a cluttered website with too many pages, links and needless resources.

Push tackled the problem with a clean, minimal website for the public and members, including complete integration with the national association’s database and tools. Now members are armed with online methods to spread their message of job creation.

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What's This?

It’s a picture of SC State Senator Paul Campbell looking at an advertisement with his face on it just minutes before an important vote being pushed by the South Carolina Association of Realtors. That couldn’t be done with TV, mail, phone calls or even in-person visits. But it could be done with sophisticated targeting.